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for art, luxury
& NFTs.

VIVENTS™ is a social marketplace for art and luxury, matching today and tomorrow's most sought-after sellers and buyers.

Discover the
of art & luxury 
through VIVENTS™. 


Connecting Artists
and Brands with Collectors 
and Buyers.


Buy & sell all
the nice stuff.

Our two stages

The App

We are live now! Reach out for an invite and to be featured as an exclusive artist, gallery or luxury brand and plan your first VIVENT™ drop with us.

Virtual Shops

We are building something big! Reach out for more information on how we can help you build your first virtual shop, gallery, fashion show or NFT Luxury drop within our space.
Core Team
Sarah Schlagenhauf
Adam Mann
Linus Inderbitzin
Ilija Gautschi
Walid El Barbir
Melanie Guenthardt
Jacco Püsmann
Advisory Board
Dr. Tobias Reichmuth
Claudia Bolliger-Winkler
Michael Hinderling
Stefan Gautschi
Richard Schäli
Art Advisory Board
Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa
Sophie Neuendorf
Jonathan Levy
Nadine A. Ghaffar
Michelle Edelmann